Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mexican Riviera Cruise

new pics and stories

Mexcian Riviera

Mexican Riviera Cruise 2010

Puerta Vallarta

Formal Nigh with the girls

Plane ride

Formal night

So we left on a cruise April 10-17! It was so awesome! Im ready for another week of sun and water and relaxation. Dustn got to celebrate his birthday on the cruise( can you say spoiled!) We stopped in Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cobo san Lucas. It was so Wonderful. We snorkeled in Puerta Vallarta and went on a little tour of the city. In Mazatlan we went to El Sid and relaxed on the Beach and ate lots of food and drinks! We all did the henna tatoos and foot massages on the beach and did some body surfing! We also did a lot of shopping. It was my favorite place of the 3. In Cabo we snoorkled again and did a glass bottom boat tour ride around and heard alot of the history of the city and did some more shopping. On the cruise we were the water volleyball champions! We sang and went to a couple comedian shows and an lot of other things. Dinner every night was something to remember. We had a wonderful Waitor "Victor" HE was awesome. We all ate a lot of different things but i ate alot of princess love boat dreams (14)! Over all the week was a blast and i cant wait to start planning the Next one! Thanks Cleve and Lynette for watching our boys i know they had a blast too while we were gone. Now that we are back braxten has anxiety attacks of me leaving and is attatched to me hip. Thanks Ivie, Josh, Mom, Dad and Dallin for going with us.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Braxten!

Braxten getting ready to blow out his candle. doesent he look excited!
I cant believe he is 2 already
having a birthday 2 weeks after christmas making the unwrapping presents easy!

Braxten loves Handy Manny! Here is my attempt for a tool box with rusty dusty turner squeez pat and philipe

i couldnt find tool cookie cutters so i cut around braxtens tools to make these cookies i thought they turned out great!

Jaten's first day of Preschool!

Jaten was so excited to go to preschool!
Braxten had to get all dressed up with his coat and back pack on when we took Jaten to school he didnt want to leave the classroom when we left Jaten!

Christmas Day!

Dustin in his sledding gear!

Family Picture Christmas Eve in our Jammies!

We had a great christmas this year and got to spend it with all of our family!

Pictures with Santa!

Braxten hates santa atleast this year he did. this was his face everytime we got near Santa!
Jaten on the other hand loved santa but that probably because santa promised he would get a wii for christmas, and he did. Santa had to make good on his promise!!!

Christmas Pictures!

Christmas Pictures of the Boys!

Recap of the ;ast few months.

One day he will be wearing a red Jersey and playing on this field!
State Football game. We love our uncle dallin!

Braxten amd Kambree buddies! Kambree stills loves him even though he picks his nose!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The Hymas family would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks friends and family for a wonderful year! Jaten is now 5 and Braxten will be 2 in January. They are full of energy and make my life very busy, but i wouldnt have it any other way. Dustin is still out at the site working as a truckdriver/fork lift opp. i am staying busy at home with my boys and coaching volleyball during the Fall. We are truely blessed for everything we have and the opportunities we get. Here is an update of our 2009 year...
we bought a house in april and are loving it. it has been great to decorate and call it our own. Jaten and braxten are best buddies they do everything together including fight!!!Of course dustin did a lot of sledding last winter and is looking forward to all the snow this winter. We now have 2 sleds so i can go with him now on my own sled instead of on the back of his. Jaten started preschool this fall and is like a sponge he takes in everything he learns and is contantly asking me how to spell things. Braxten is out little monkey he is into everything like dragging a ripped open bag of flour across my kitchen writing on my couches and walls throwing a ball through my window and many more. My volleyball seasonwent great this year we only had one loss and i cant wait to have those girls again next year what a bunch of talented girls! Dusitn and Jaten got into an accident in June by rolling his four wheeler. Jaten was completly fine not even a stratch but dustin had a completely seperated shoulder and had to get surgery which put him out of work for 3 weeks and no playing for what the doctor said was 2 months but dustin didnt listen and was skiin by august. So the house had to be put on hold until next spring to remodle and build on to. No worries because i am enjoying our house to the fullest.
I hope that everyone had a marvelous year and wish you all best of luck next year. Merry christmas and we love you all.
the hymas family

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Better Late than Never!!!

Devin and Kiley Pearson

My 4 favorite Boys!

Jaten and Braxten got to walk down the aisle at the wedding as ring bearers

So i guess i have been really bad at putting new posts on my blog but i will try and do better!

Just a little update on how life is going in the Hymas House!!!

Braxten is crazy as ever he is starting to talk in phrases and loves to play with big brother all the time! All though he wont stay in nursery by himself he is getting better about not hanging on to me the whole time!!

Jaten is now going to preschool and is loving it! He only goes once a week right now but starting in January he will go twice a week! He is so eager to to get big!

Both of the boys love the new house and the new play set that we got them a month ago!

Dustin and been very busy! Besides working out at the site he is either laying tile or pouring cement for a basement! And of course there are always other jobs that people so bably need him for! One of these days he is get a break!

Me! Well i have started volleyball and my girls are going very well! We are 5-0! Im always busy with that and taking care of the my family!!! Dustina and I decided to do a garden this year and it has gone really good!!! We have about 10 huge pumpkins right now that are starting to turn orange! The boys enjoy that! Also we have grown a lot of yummy veggies!

We want to welcome to the family Kiley Mae!!! Devin and Kiley had a beautiful wedding and we want to thank her for including us it was a lot of fun!!! The summer was a lot of fun we got to redfish twice and had a lot of good times!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

back and still alive

it has not been a couple of months since i have had a computer so its has been a rough go! IN the months of no computer a lot has gone on... We finally bought a house!!! yeah! its in moore across the road from dustin's dads house. The boys love that they can go over and visit all the time! Its a cute house house but very little. Its just barely over 1100 sq feet. 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. and only one closet:( that is hard!!! But because dustin is such a handy man he is going to add on and redo the whole thing! i will be so happy once we will be able to do that!!! It does have land with it and a garage and a shop with an covered area where he keeps everything(snow machines (6 of them...he has other peoples in there as well), the boat was in there but its summer time so im guessing we will see in in a few months again, and his trailors!!! It has a cute little yard and lots of trees! So far i love it and cant wait to remodle it!!!

We have been keeping very busy with the unpacking and dustin has been working on katies new house! i cant wait for it to be done! He is doing the carpet right now and it looks great! Jaten no longer rides with training wheels!!! he is so good! It took him about 30 minutes before he was riding about 2 miles to katies house! he picked it up so fast and hasnt stopped since! he looks as though he has been riding for years without training wheels! he even pops wheelies on it!!! Braxten is growing so much right now. He is starting to talk a little and he is a little shadow! he loves to be outside and to go for rides on the little 70 and the 4-wheeler! he spends a majority of the day outside playing on his bike and exploring the property!! All i need is a fence to keep him in! Putting a fence in will be our first project for sure!!!

So it has been a busy spring but now im ready for a hot summer filled with water and a beach!!! of course we will be working on our house at the same time but we always manage to squeeze in some of that summer fun!

i will post some pics and video of the boys later!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dustin sledding

I just thew this one in because i thought it was funny!!! The Blur!

Here are a couple of pcs of dustin sledding. He looks great. Thanks to misty for taking these amazing pictures he loves them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great weekend with famiy and friends

This weekend we went to a cabin about 20 miles from park city. It was great, We spent so much time in the snow on the snow machines and a whole of sledding. Jaten had a ball playing outside with all of the kids on the hill. Dustin spent most of the day out on the snow machine. Braxten loved to play with the other 2 babies that were there. I spent a lot of time relaxing and went out for a hwile onthe sleds as well. Dustin loved it so much he is ready to go again. It was great to get out and spemd a realxing weekend in the snow and not have any worries at all.

Cabin 2009