Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mexican Riviera Cruise 2010

Puerta Vallarta

Formal Nigh with the girls

Plane ride

Formal night

So we left on a cruise April 10-17! It was so awesome! Im ready for another week of sun and water and relaxation. Dustn got to celebrate his birthday on the cruise( can you say spoiled!) We stopped in Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cobo san Lucas. It was so Wonderful. We snorkeled in Puerta Vallarta and went on a little tour of the city. In Mazatlan we went to El Sid and relaxed on the Beach and ate lots of food and drinks! We all did the henna tatoos and foot massages on the beach and did some body surfing! We also did a lot of shopping. It was my favorite place of the 3. In Cabo we snoorkled again and did a glass bottom boat tour ride around and heard alot of the history of the city and did some more shopping. On the cruise we were the water volleyball champions! We sang and went to a couple comedian shows and an lot of other things. Dinner every night was something to remember. We had a wonderful Waitor "Victor" HE was awesome. We all ate a lot of different things but i ate alot of princess love boat dreams (14)! Over all the week was a blast and i cant wait to start planning the Next one! Thanks Cleve and Lynette for watching our boys i know they had a blast too while we were gone. Now that we are back braxten has anxiety attacks of me leaving and is attatched to me hip. Thanks Ivie, Josh, Mom, Dad and Dallin for going with us.