Tuesday, July 8, 2008

After the Micro Burst

Thats what happens when you loose at a water fight! Better luck next time
Jaten spent everyday all day in playing in the sand and running to and from the water. He just loves being in the sun!!!
Braxten just loved all of the attention that he got this weekend. There was always some one for him to play with. He is now a little tan baby!!!

After the Micro burst we were evicted from our campsite so we had to find a place to 30+ people. Thats not easy on fourth of july weekend! We managed to all fit into 2 campsites. There were tents scattered every where. The rest of the trip worked out we spent some time on the beach and ate tons. (thanks wayne for doing all of the cooking!)

Poor tent

new pics and stories

the micro burst ripped them right from their roots

new pics and stories

micro burst

Vacation #2...Red Fish Lake

We got home from Wolf Creek and left 3 days later to go to Red Fish Lake with Dustin's Family and a friend that he works with. We left late wednesday night and got to our camp ground and set up our tent and ate scones at 1:00 am. Kinda late but Wayne dustins friend loves to cook and that was on the menu for that night. Thursday Started out good the boys went out on the water in the morning and then we hit the beach in the afternoon. Everything thing was good until we got done roasting marshmellows and then we were hit by a micro burst(a tornado that comes down and spreads out.) We had a tree land on one of our tents with 2 of wayne's kids in there. After that happened we ran to the trailer and decided that it wasn't safe either. We hoped in a vehicle and tried to drive out but we were stopped along with everyone else by trees on the roads. No one could get out or get in. Thousands of trees had been blown over in about 5-10 minutes. Here are some pictures of the damage. The pictures dont even hold a candle to what really happened.

Uncle ry and Jaten had matching shorts so of course i had to take a picture of them together in their shorts!!! He just oves his uncle Ry!!!
Did you get tickets to my gun show!!!

Vacation #1...Wolf Creek

A couple of weeks ago we went on a family vacation up to wolf creek. It was really nice to be able to just kick back and relax. We left wednesday at about noon to go she dustin's sister Debra. She lives in American Fork which is about 85 miles from ogden. We went and spent the night with her and headed back to ogden the next morning to meet with my family up in wolf creek. We stayed in the condos and it was great to be able to sleep in beds and take showers.

Jaten and Baylee spent the whole time attatched to one another! Theye spent all of their time in the pool and runing around the condos. Braxten also enjoyed the pool and loved all of the attention from everyone!!! (thanks for all the help)

All of the boys went and skiied down at the lake and played some tennis and raquet ball all weekend. We also some mini bikes that everyone cruised around on. All in all we had a great time together and we hope we can do it again next year!!!