Tuesday, May 26, 2009

back and still alive

it has not been a couple of months since i have had a computer so its has been a rough go! IN the months of no computer a lot has gone on... We finally bought a house!!! yeah! its in moore across the road from dustin's dads house. The boys love that they can go over and visit all the time! Its a cute house house but very little. Its just barely over 1100 sq feet. 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. and only one closet:( that is hard!!! But because dustin is such a handy man he is going to add on and redo the whole thing! i will be so happy once we will be able to do that!!! It does have land with it and a garage and a shop with an covered area where he keeps everything(snow machines (6 of them...he has other peoples in there as well), the boat was in there but its summer time so im guessing we will see in in a few months again, and his trailors!!! It has a cute little yard and lots of trees! So far i love it and cant wait to remodle it!!!

We have been keeping very busy with the unpacking and dustin has been working on katies new house! i cant wait for it to be done! He is doing the carpet right now and it looks great! Jaten no longer rides with training wheels!!! he is so good! It took him about 30 minutes before he was riding about 2 miles to katies house! he picked it up so fast and hasnt stopped since! he looks as though he has been riding for years without training wheels! he even pops wheelies on it!!! Braxten is growing so much right now. He is starting to talk a little and he is a little shadow! he loves to be outside and to go for rides on the little 70 and the 4-wheeler! he spends a majority of the day outside playing on his bike and exploring the property!! All i need is a fence to keep him in! Putting a fence in will be our first project for sure!!!

So it has been a busy spring but now im ready for a hot summer filled with water and a beach!!! of course we will be working on our house at the same time but we always manage to squeeze in some of that summer fun!

i will post some pics and video of the boys later!!!


Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

yeah...your back! It sounds like the boys are growing up so fast. It would have been nice to come up this last weekend but things just didn't fall into place. Hope to see you soon.
Take care,