Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Better Late than Never!!!

Devin and Kiley Pearson

My 4 favorite Boys!

Jaten and Braxten got to walk down the aisle at the wedding as ring bearers

So i guess i have been really bad at putting new posts on my blog but i will try and do better!

Just a little update on how life is going in the Hymas House!!!

Braxten is crazy as ever he is starting to talk in phrases and loves to play with big brother all the time! All though he wont stay in nursery by himself he is getting better about not hanging on to me the whole time!!

Jaten is now going to preschool and is loving it! He only goes once a week right now but starting in January he will go twice a week! He is so eager to to get big!

Both of the boys love the new house and the new play set that we got them a month ago!

Dustin and been very busy! Besides working out at the site he is either laying tile or pouring cement for a basement! And of course there are always other jobs that people so bably need him for! One of these days he is get a break!

Me! Well i have started volleyball and my girls are going very well! We are 5-0! Im always busy with that and taking care of the my family!!! Dustina and I decided to do a garden this year and it has gone really good!!! We have about 10 huge pumpkins right now that are starting to turn orange! The boys enjoy that! Also we have grown a lot of yummy veggies!

We want to welcome to the family Kiley Mae!!! Devin and Kiley had a beautiful wedding and we want to thank her for including us it was a lot of fun!!! The summer was a lot of fun we got to redfish twice and had a lot of good times!!!