Thursday, August 14, 2008

He's into everything!!!

Braxten is now getting in to everything that he can get his hands on. He can get to just about anything if he wants to. Right now he is rolling over like crazy both from his back to his belly and his belly to his back. He crawls onto his knees and scoots every where. He loves to eat everything so i am always checking to see if he has anything in his mouth. He is getting so fun he will climb up on my knees and he pulls himself up on everything. I'm not sure if im ready to deal with him crawling every where!!!

new pics and stories

Fun in the Sun!!!

Last weekend we set up one of those bid water play park slides. It was so fun!!! We had dustin's neices and nephews so it wasn't very hard to entertain them!!!

Skin and bone!!!

Jaten is so skinny that he is wearing Braxten's sweat pants!!! Pretty sad huh!!! it doesn't matter how much i make him eat he has too much energy and burns it all off!! Maybe one of these days he will gain some weight!!!

Messy to clean!!!

Braxten just loves real food right now! His favorite right now is cheetos. Oh so good but very messy. They are worth it!!!

His next favorite thing on his list is cleaning up those cheetos, by taking a big boys bath. He just loves taking baths with Jaten they have so much fun. Jaten sings to him and plays with him the whole time. He cries when i take him out. He doesn't need warm water i guess to want to stay in.

Red Fish Lake Trip

As always they red fish trips are always a blast but this one started out chaotic. We planned on leaving friday afternoon after dustin got home from work but at about 10:30 thursday night he got a wild hair and decided that we were going to leave that night. So of course i had nothing packed. So everything got thrown into a bag and 2 hours later we left. Devin was with us so he kept dustin awake and then devin drove the last part. So we ended up their really late. I thought that maybe they would want to sleep in, and they probably would of but about 7:00am dust heard a familiar voice. It was Ryan sitting out on the picnic table just waiting for someone to wake up. THey all skiied until 11:00 and then ryan had to leave to go back to work. Someof our friends came up to spend sometime on the beach and stayed until sunday. They had never been there before so they really loved it. It really was a great trip Jimmy and Jaris came saturday afternoon! Jimmy is now Jaten's favorite!!! Saturday night we built a fire on the beach and cooked our foil dinners while everyone skiied. Even I skiied which was a first on one ski!! I'm officially part of the family!!!