Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cowboy Up!

Dallin and Braxten at the track meet. Doesn't he look cute in that cowboy hat. The girls love the cowboys!!! At least that's what Dallin thinks!!!

Like brother like uncle!

as you can see i have two little boys that are going to grow up being just like dallin and devin. Jaten just like Devin and Braxten just like Dallin. These two little boys look up to these two uncles. Jaten is always saying he wants to grow big like devin. He has long long legs like devin! Braxten already looks like dallin did in his baby pictures. Just like dallin is so much different than devin braxten is so much different than jaten. 4 boys that are so different but so very much a like. Jaten and Braxten have a lot to look up to. Thanks boys for being their idols.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I love to ride!


Jaten just loves being outside especially if it with is dad. He loves riding his 4-wheeler round and round the yard. He runs the battery dead everyday because he rides it so much. When the battery is dead he moves on to Dustin's little 70.(i think that's what it is). Dust and jaten have so much fun riding around.

Jaten Also loves being with ihs papa. He is really enjoying papa being home for 4 days at a time during hte week. I guess you could say he is his little shadow. They eat pictics in the garage so on 4-wheeler rides, fix cars, and the best part of being his shadow is going to town to throw the disc with dallin. He should be a super star by the time he gets old enough to throw in a track meet. He carries his frizbee around with him everytime he gets to go to town. Its his own little disc. He also sneeks into the ring when no one is watching so that he can get in his practice time. By the end of the day he is pooped and falls asleep in the car on the way home from practice. By the time i go to pick him up he hides because he doesn't want to leave(i see how i rate!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Happy Birthday Bella.
Last week we had the opportunity to celebrate

bella'a birthday with her and papa lynn. We went out and ate dinner and followed up by eating cake at their house. Braxten's favorite part about birthdays is the cake, well the frosting on the cake. Happy birhtday Bella, We love you!

I LOVE Cereal. Not as much as CHEESE CAKE!

Braxten is getting big enough to start to eat real food! He has loved every minute of it. He likes apple sauce and cereal, but the thin ghe loves the most is cheese cake!!! I dont feed him cheese cake everyday but he got it on bella's birthday. I thought he was going to do anything he could to geth that cheese cake(bite fingers, take spoons and yell as loud as he can.) He loves birthdays even more now!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


thanks to dustin I am now known as the Shower Queen! Dustin thinks that it is all fun in games until he throws his wife out of the shower. Dustin thinks its so funny to tease me and pretend to push me out of the shower. Well this time her really did push me out. along with the shower curtain as well. Water went every where and i ended up with a bruise on my arm and dustin ended up with me yelling at him! The next day Dustin had to share a safty share. usually you talk about stuff out at work safty. This time his share was to be more careful in the shower. So now im known as the shower queen with all of the guys that dustin works with. Thanks cleve for the nick name!!!