Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Like Mother like son!

Today i tried about 3 times to get braxten to take a nap. Finally i gave up and decided to make some lunch as i was making lunch braxten was eating some crackers and i look over and braxten head is bobbing. He was totally asleep but he was still chewing. I had to wait until he finished chewing the cracker that was in his mouth to put him in his bed. HIs face is covered in crackers and he is fast asleep!!! When i was little i fell asleep almost every night at the dinner table. i guess he is starting a little early.

Im too tired to eat!

Hungy hungry Hippo!!!

Braxten is kinda showing some interest in walking so i thought i better bring out the hungry hungry hippo. Braxten loves to push it back and forth.

My little Pirates!

Jaten and braxten actually dressed up like this for the birthday party but they spent the week before playing dress up with them. They love to play buried treasure.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quirk Tag

Lorie tagged me to list 6 quirks about myself.

1.When a eat a candy bar i always eat the chocolate on the outside first and then i eat the rest of it.

2. I hate hate hate when the toilet paper roll is on backwards.(im glad to know that im not the only one that hate that..lorie)

3. We i eat gold fish i suck off all of the salft and crack each individual one in half before eating it.

4. i hate spending money. Its a lot easier to spend money on my boys and dustin then it is on my self.

5.My avorite song is devil went down to georgia...i listen to it before volleyball games.(when i was a player and now as a coach)

6. I hate raspberries. But every year i try one just in case i do end up likeing them. So far i still hate them and i dont think that i will ever stop hating them.

I tag: Jaris, Kinzie, Ivie, Katie

Monday, November 3, 2008


Because i coach volleyball my kids are now gym rats! So Jaten and Braxten had to spend halloween in Burley at State Volleyball. The boys spent the day in the gym and between games we took them to a truck o treat. The boys came out with more candy then they would of if they had been home going trick or treating. Everyone at the hotel gave out bags full of candy and grandma lynette and grammy jody spoiled them to no end. i think over all both boys had a great time. Jaten was mator the tow truck and Braxten was a lion. They both looked so cute.
Jaten also got to go to the carnival in arco the weekend before halloween. He dressed up as a gangster and we all went with baylee, tenlee and Kambree. They all had a lot of fun. The babies got tired but at the end they all loved it.