Monday, April 28, 2008


Last week the family got together and celebrated Grandmas Lynette's birthday. She had 2 cakes to celebrate with. Too many cakes for so little candles! Dustin's family just loves to sing happy birthday and they really get into it. Just a little sneek peak of all the hymas birthdays, and anyone else who has a hymas singing to them.

This could be my last weekend to go sledding!!!

Every weekend for the past 6 weeks i heard "can i go sledding this could be my last time to go before the snow melts?" I heard this week after week until last week when i knew it would be his last week no matter what. snow or no snow!!! So i became a widow all winter long!!! So here is to Dustins final ride of the season.


Jaten just loves making messes but he likes it even more if he knows that he wont get in trouble doing it. So instead of him making messes on his own we made cinnamon rolls together. He loved spreading around the apple sauce and butter. That was the first time we have ever made cinnamon rolls but they turned out really yummy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Everyday when dustin gets home he spends time with his two boys! Jaten gets so excited for his daddy to come home everyday. At 5:00 everynight jaten makes sure all of his toys are cleaned up and that he is ready to play hide and go seek, baseball or wrestling on the floor together.Braxten enjoys him holding him and making him giggle. Making him giggle is one of the best parts of having kids.