Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Braxten!

I cant beleive it has been a whole year since we brought Braxten into our lives! The memories are over flowing. It has been a great year. Braxten was our little laid back content little boy. He has always just laid back and watched people and just took in everything he saw. He was always just content with life. Although he rolled over at 5 weeks everything else he did at his own pace. He started to sit up about 5 months. He thought that was great so he waited until 7 months to crawl. Then a couple of weeks before christmas he started to stand up in the middle of the floor by himself. I didn't know he was doing this until christmas but he was always showing off for grammy and bella and showing them he could stand up way before i ever saw him. The weekend after christmas he really started to take some steps. Now just 2 weeks later he is now up to 26 steps which he took in the gym at dallins basketball game. He is our little devil baby now! He now is no longer content and laid back...he now tackeles other babies and pins them against the wall. He fight back for all of his toys and doesn't take crap from no one!!! (Im so sorry Kambree for last weekend!) He thinks he is so big!!! He loved Celebrating his birthday and opening gifts and the CUPCAKES!!! 3 cupcakes actually! He stuffed them in his mouth so fast and loved every minute of it. He loved them so much that Daddy kept giving them to him. So he was all sugered up and didn't want to take a nap. We love braxten and cant wait for another exciting year for both him and Jaten. Happy Birthday Punkers!!! We love you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

Im a little slow on getting a new post in so i guess better late than never.

Our Christmas was amazing. There is nothing better than to wake up christmas morning to 2 adorable littel boys and see the joy on their faces when they have seen that Santa had been to our house. Our boys got to bed so late that Jaten didn't wake up until 9:00 and we had to wake up Braxten at 9:30 so that they could open their presents. Jaten was on cloud 9!!! Santa really spoiled him this year. I think that he got everything he wanted plus more!!! He got a DS and a Mr and Mrs potato head. Braxten was very spoiled too he got a crawl and stand musical jungle that he spemds hour playing with. He wasn't as into opening the presents as Jaten was so Jaten opened his and Braxtens presents. Of course mom and dad got presents from santa as well. Dustin made it out with a new snowmachine trailor and Rockband. I came out with a haul!!! Lets just say i have a closet full of new clothes and shoes. A girls dream!!! PLus i tool bag full of Pink tools!!!

Presents are always a plus to have on christmas, but the real joy is being surrounded by family and friends. We truely are blessed to have 2 wonderful families to share these memories with. We got to have 2 christmas parties. One with dustins whole family and with my whole family. Families really are the best part of everything.

Happy New Year!!! We spent new years eve helping my mom and dad DJ the new year eve dance. We spent a couple of hours there and did a little dancing and then we welcomed in the new year with Katie and Trent and their Family. All of the kids were up...including Baby Braxten who had found a little pan of M&Ms in Kenadees Little kitchen. So he was up and wired!!! New Years Day Dustin and I went snow machining with his dad and lynette and Dustin Friend Alex who just got married. We had a lot of fun! We got kind of a late start so we only went for a few hours but it was fun anyways!

The holidays are over we packed out the tree and ornaments(braxten broke a woppin' 10 bulbs) and now we are planning Braxtens Birthday! I cant beleive that he is almost 1. It seems as though i just had him anf he was wearing new born clothes. NOw he is Walking around like he owns the place and is getting a little aggressive.

He went from being the most laid back baby to holding his own. He now tackles other kids down and he has a little attitude. Poor Kambree had to take the wrath of him tackeling her down last weekend. She put up with it for a while and then she had enough and glared at him and then pushed him down. He had it coming!!!

Jaten Spends all day everyday playing outside in the snow. He pulls around a littel red sled that he fills up with snow and then dumps it. Of course i always have to take lots of pics of him! He has been a huge help with braxten. he is always there to help clean up toys, help change his diaper and fight with each other every now and then!

I hope that everyone is having a Happy 2009! We are and we wish everyone the Best!