Monday, October 6, 2008

win a free hand bag!

on october 15 they are giving away a hand bag every hour for 24 hours. so sign up so that you can receive a free hand bag. of course you can never have enough. go for a chance to win.

good luck

thank you lorie for the info

Happy Birthday Jaten.

Jaten is now 4 years old! Can you believe it! His Birthday started on friday when we went to Jack Pot for dallins football game. Baylee and Tenlee were there to celebrate with him. WE all went out to dinner and sang happy birthday to him. Jaten and Baylee are the best of friends and if there is any one that he would want to celebrate with it would be her. Who woul;d of thought that we would celebrate a 4 year olds birthday in Jack pot!!! Not you ideal location! It was fun anyways. Sunday evening we had another Birthday party with some of the family. The kids had a lot of fun and of course jaten came out with a ton of gifts.

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

sponge bob square pants! This was my attempt to make his birthday cake it turned out pretty cute! I do have to say that it was harder than jaris' wedding cake that i made! It was made out of the same kind of cake so it tasted great!

Is this for me.

Braxten just loves birthday parties he thought it was all for him he ate lots of ice cream and cake and played with all of the balloons.

He is so spoiled!!!

It was more like christmas then it was his birthday with all of the gifts he opened. He loved every minute of it!