Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tag1. What was I doing 10 years ago: well i was in 7th grade so my onnly concern was what boy i was going to like that day, what to wear to school how short i could wear my shorts. I like consisted of school and sports and boys and thats about it.

2. What is on my to-do list for today?1. Take jaten to the dentist, price everything for thursdays, and prepare my self to pay lots of money for all of the dental work i have to get done.

3. What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?First thing i would do is pay off all of my debt, then i would build a new house and theni would take everyone on a cruise to somewhere warm. No snow in June!!! Then i would invest in my kids schooling and then put the rest away for a rainy day.(Probably keep it under my mattress.)

4. 3 Bad habits: (Just 3?) 1. I always leave the microwave door open, im not sure why i do it's not hard to shut but i still do it. 2.Dusting, I hate to dust and i always have something more important to do besides dusting. 3. my car doesn't stay very clean because i always have so much to pack in with two boys that the mess stays in there until the next time when i say that i will clean it up but it happens again i have way to much stuff to bring in.
5. Places I've lived: Mackay, Idaho Falls, Arco and mackay again.
7. Things people don't know about me: * I love cowboy hats. * i think that the world is going to blow up from all of the bad stuff that is happening right now. *i love plain melted cheese by its self.* I watch one soap a day. * i want to learn how to cook and bake good. i finally learned how to make rolls and i do ok but i cant figure out the chocolate chip cookies.

Who will you tag: Lorie, Katie, Candice

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

We have now been married for 4 years now and going on 50. For our anniversary we got a grill he gets a grill and i get dinner every night! The last 4 years been wonderful. Adding 2 boys and it makes it perfect.i cant wait for the next 50 years to come. love you honey!!!

Helping Daddy with his new grill!

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I Shake my little Toosh on the Cat Walk!!

The boys would kill me if they knew that i was putting this on line for everyone to see but it's so funny that i could let it go to waste. I spent the weekend getting my closet cleaned out and getting clothes to get rid of. So that night i had them all bagged up and ready to go until the boys found the bag and wanted to try on the pants!!! So the fashion show began...Dustin, Dallin and Devin became models.

As the night went on we had a BBQ and some more entertainment by Dallin (Daisy) Duke!!!

"Thes boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days theses boots are gonna walk all over you."

Giggles and Grins!

Jaten just loves playing with Braxten, but his favorite thing is to get him to giggle. It doesn't take much to get him to giggle he thinks everything is funny! The other day Braxten was playing with his toys and Jaten loves to play with him. Braxten started giggling at Jaten and Jaten just ate that up. There was no stopping from there. Jaten just kept playing with Braxten as long as he was laughing and He was laughing as well.